Falz Brings His Many Personas Into Play on 27

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DISCLAIMER: If you are one to get offended by profanity, and/or senseless envious vents (that materializes in form of repetition of profanity, stop here).

Now that you have come this far, join me on a trip down envy lane, as I try to unravel just how good one person can be.

Falz the Bahd Guy and his numerous personas has kept the Nigerian entertainment industry feeding out the palm of his hands in a league all by his damn self. From his damn multilingual songs, to his damn comedic appearances in movies, skits and viral IG videos alike, I wonder what 2017 would have been without the releases of damn songs like Wehdone Sir, Jeje and Something Light.

Just when you thought you had heard all (for the year) from this damn entertainer with his latest release La Fete, Falz pulls a damn Beyonce with the release of his album – 27. This damn project features heavyweights in the persons of Burna Boy, Wande Coal, Ycee, Olamide, Davido, Terry Apala and Maleek Berry. The damn 17 track album features the aural works of art earlier mentioned as well as new bangers like

Polished which is basically Falz’s subtle way of telling us that his razz persona is not his real face. He is actually polished, sophisticated and everything in between. For Christ’s sake people, he delivers in Queens English. To this I say, Wehdone Sir.

“Cos a Nigga joke with the vocal, now man say that the boy is local. So I switched off that berk and let the man know the boy is global. I might be hilariously goofy, but I need to show that I’m no Baba Suwe…”

If at some point, listening to Child Of The World, you don’t feel tempestuous emotions overwhelm you then you really… really need to get your damn self checked. The song aptly released for such a time as this needs to be on repeat as we hope and pray that issues like these not only get the attention they need, but hopefully permeate our damn minds and hearts.

To be honest, there are no words to describe Way (feat. Wande Coal)

Enough of this damn review. Because it is rather disheartening that one person can get it right time and time again. It is damn unfair. Damn it all to hell the fact that with his damn comical delivery, he touches just about everything on this project, from rape to Internet fraud, love, hustle, hard work, dance and partying. It Is Damn Unfair!

Listen to 27 here.

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