Falz And Patoranking Are Party Starters On Latest Bop ‘Girls’

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Falz and Patoranking are a duo we never envisioned collaborating considering their sounds exist on parallel planes but on the former’s latest single, Girls; another rung on the ladder to his rebirth, they exist as a formidable force.

On the C-Tea Beatz produced bop, Falz explores the Afro-House path as he rides the drum-driven single powered by comical ad-libs with loose lyrics that allude to his affinity for women of different shapes and sizes. Patoranking delivers an alienated chorus that we can definitely separate from his signature style.

While Girls is a single that exists in limbo considering Falz hasn’t announced a plan for an upcoming project yet, it’s adequately situated for the approaching party season which Falz promises to be a controversial figure in.

Photo credit: @willens__


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