Watch The Chilling Video For Falz’s ‘Johnny’

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Before the October protests, Falz has been sounding the alarm on corruption, police brutality, and bad governance among other vices. In 2019, his run as a social commentator climaxed in a nine-track project titled Moral Instruction, one rife with raw cuts on the sad state of the society including the revered Johnny which just got treated to a video.

Still very much in the revolution phase, Falz mirrors a typical day clouded by the tragedy spurn by police brutality in Nigeria. With the help of Olu Wave who helps Falz paint vivid sceneries of some heartwrenching experiences, he reflects on the reality of every Nigerian, from the Youth Corper to the roadside seller to random pedestrians, Falz covers it all. He also takes time out to honor the victims of the Lekki tollgate massacre.

Falz has always been a voice of defiance and with the recent happenings in Nigeria, his fire for activism burns brighter as it does in the chilling video for Johnny.

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