Watch Falz and YCee Create Controlled Chaos in Something Light

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Watch Falz and YCee's Create Controlled Chaos in Something Light

Someone call an evangelist because we are beginning to notice a pattern of irrevocable mishap and lack of luck for our dearly beloved brother Falz. From hits like Karashika, to soldier, to bad gang and now with Something Light, we are witness to him being swindled and deceived by women of all shapes and sizes. If however, these ladies are the inspiration behind these hits, kindly keep your evangelist to yourself.

Released on the 18th of August 2017, Something Light featuring Ycee is basically a conversation between two Yoruba demons who whilst doing what they do best – breaking innocent girls hearts – fall prey to the Grand Mistresses of the runs girls empire. These girls unapologetically live a lie as they order the entire menu, while referring to it as something light. The way Falz and Ycee complement each other on the track can only be likened to the complementarity of Jollof and dodo. My Gosh, lets not go there. Falz also proves that the track is his as he drops witty lines and stays true to his Braa Taju persona with his pronunciation of light as “Laiiyt”.

Many of us have wondered what next Falz the bahd guy could possibly do in any of his forthcoming videos. Well, he does not disappoint when he recruits the expertise of a social media sage and Lip sync mystro (Maraji), a female comedian and queen of the zanga (Wofai Fada), a Nigerian rapper, songwriter and self acclaimed King (Ycee), and a rapper, actor, songwriter and an all round entertainer (Falz). This culminates in hilarity. It produces madness. It epitomizes controlled chaos.

Produced by Capital Dreams Pictures and shot by Clarence, the 4 entertainers are in a colorful playground as they bring the lyrics and scenery to live. The artistry of Wofai Fada and Maraji is impressive. They fit their roles like the glass shoe fit Cinderella. The video is comedic, the lyric is phenomenal, the camera quality is premium. Simply put, every 3 miuntes, 14 seconds dedicated to watching this movie is worth every second.

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