Famous Bobson’s Only You Is Another Suggestion He Can Do No Wrong

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Roses are red, violets are blue, Famous Bobson’s Only You. Listen to the song carefully and I swear, you will get to appreciate what I did here.

This little, yet disheartening display was inspired by this songs rhyme, rhythm and a sprinkle of reason. Despite its lack of depth however, it is one of those songs you can’t help but bump to.

The track produced by DreyBeatz comes through with a pretty decent beat that is accompanied by Bobson’s seemingly effortless flow which proves to be equally worthwhile. With a chorus as catchy as this and a seamless maneuverability, one could only imagine the level of aural intimacy that would be produced should the song feature a maestro, say Reminisce.

With former singles like Vibe With Me and Move On as well as the momentum going on tour usually presents, we’ve begun to wonder when the focus for him shall turn to his debut project. Signs at the moment however suggest the focus is on developing Bobson into a household name with standalone releases and plans for a Get to Know event in Birmingham in October.

It is surely a song that would grow on you. Listen below

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