Fasina And Tim Lyre Explore Multiple Dimensions On Joint EP ‘3 Strains’

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Fasina and Tim Lyre are the newest collaborative collective in the industry with music, meaning, and a fancy method to the execution of their joint projects that came alive weeks ago when they shared Just Linked, the lead single off their just-released EP, 3 Strains.

On the three-track project, the eclectic duo rock is banal in the finest and most dynamic form as sonic sparks fly between them, with Fasina on course performance-wise and Tim Lyre holding the sound forte by way of the finest of experimental sounds which when combined to the relatable lyrics give off heady vibes.

3 Strains is not your average cannabis-inspired project but is packed with enough bouts of realization to be relatable and introspection worthy. More impressive than the duo’s navigation of everyday problems is the play on words with the title that reveals the source and pattern of each of the tracks. This speaks to their eloquence and artistic genius