Fasina underlines his evolution with Ife

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Fasina to Host Debut Headline Concert in London

Afrofusion connoiseur; Fasina is back this week with a blend of corny lyrics and invigorating sounds titled IFE (Run My Race) after an eight-month hiatus from the music scene during which from the raw energy radiating from this love song, it’s undeniable that Fasina has not only been growing artistically, but also undergoing a gentle evolution.

The mid-tempo record complete with elements of light cymbals, guitars and electro synths is an alluring jam in which the significant, lax lyric-building we know and associate him with sentiently brings to surface the highs of sweet, intentional lust.

The year might be running out but we’re hopeful for more offerings from the afrofusion artiste before it actually does.

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