Sentiment And Sincerity Meet On Faym Official’s ‘Official’

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After walking the same path with the likes of Burna Boy and Wizkid, Faym Official is branching out to focus on carving his own niche. He lines his path today with petitions, exhortations and more wrapped in honesty and calculated rhythms encompassed in his just released highly personal six-track EP, Official.

Steeped in honesty which gives way to freedom of expression, an unusual take for Faym, the EP’s central theme is love and not the whitewashed type but real love prefaced and plagued sometimes by real life problems. Faym’s version of it is bittersweet, with the bitter part being a pill that’s hard for most people to swallow: truth and even with the difference in sound and story, he sticks to his intent from start to finish.

Faym Official has a goal to disrupt the industry and at the same time, unite people with his work. Official is proof of his work ethic and dedication to the art of passionate storytelling.

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