Femi Jr’s Come Up Is On Full Display On Immersive Rap E.P. ‘1992’

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Since the inception of Rap, a genre that is praised as the most malleable of all, considering its drivers are oftentimes able to express themselves in different shapes and forms, rappers have taken to it as their go-to for come-up stories. In 2010, Ice Prince broke out, after his origin story encapsulated in Oleku catapulted him to the top and way before then, veterans like M.I had rinsed this avenue. More than a decade later, the fusion of Rap and origin stories is still one rappers cannot avoid and on his just-released eponymous EP, 1992, budding rapper, Femi Jr, leverages this age-old tactic.

Femi Jr brings the five-track EP to booming dawn with titular, 1992, where an interlude kicks off the story of his life relayed over throbbing bass beats. The intensity of 1992’s sound and story does well in ushering in the rest of the emotive project which track after track, unveils different areas of the rapper’s life.


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Femi Jr is very much human-like rappers never fail to remind the world but his representation of this phenomenon is different, which speaks to his uniqueness. On One Wish, said humanity is on full display as he berates the government while telling of his desire to revamp the world so it can be a suitable place for him to live.

Although the project is majorly about his come-up, Femi Jr’s dreams are subjects of discussion spun in drum-driven cuts like 2020 and Feel Like, on which we enjoy the mesmeric outpour of an uncredited singer.

In what counts as a succinct fifteen-minute journey through the evolution of Femi Jr, presented as a fusion of laudable lyricism and immersive story-telling, the rapper projects his sound into a relatable and fairly impressive project which goes down as yet another okay shot by a rising artist gunning for the top in the midst of an abundance of talent in the industry.