See How One Woman Is Leading The Charge Against Boko Haram In This AlJazeera Documentary

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Watch The Front Line Battles Against Insurgency in ‘Aisha: Boko Haram Huntress'

The terror Boko Haram continues to wreak is something many Nigerians will never understand because it never affected their livelihood. For many of those in North Eastern Nigeria, it’s a different story. Their lives have been destroyed and their families separated. While men are often touted for fighting for others, many women have done so more times than not as unsung heroes. In the front lines against Boko Haram for example, Aisha ‘the Queen Hunter’ is present and leading the battle.

In a documentary produced by Al Jazeera, we become familiar with Aisha and the fight against Boko Haram. She lets us in on the fear many Northeasterners must live in, her dedication to protecting her territory and more.

A great watch.