Finding Your Style Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

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Sometimes, when it comes to finding your true style (and what you feel your best in), you need to step outside of your comfort zone. You need to drop the oversized hoodies and the baggy jeans, or you need to swap the skinny jeans for a pair of roomy shorts – either way, there are some changes in the air, and they might be a little daunting… 

So, to help you on your journey to finding your style, and making sure you have success along the way, here are some ways to step outside of your comfort zone and be able to try on some new things that’ll guarantee you fashionable results. No matter how you like to dress, sometimes you’ve got to look at the opposite side of the scale! 

Start Small By Using Accessories

Any change in style should be started in small ways – the more you change all at once, the less you’re going to feel like yourself. And when you don’t feel like a style is yours, you’re definitely not going to feel your best. 

So start with accessories – they’re the smallest way you can step outside of your comfort zone, and see whether or not you’re up for going on with your change in fashion. Even if you’re someone who doesnt’ usually put any accessories on, simply throwing a thin and simple necklace around your neck can make the world of difference to how you perceive yourself and your outfits. 

Shop in Different Sectors of the Store

For example, if you’re someone who likes to use the petite section, to make sure you’re wearing something form-fitting, why not head over to the big and tall section instead? Having something more baggy to work with can mean new ways to style your outfits, such as tying a shirt in the front, or wearing camo jeans and a belt, which you can style very well with some big boots. 

Simply put, shopping in a different sector of the store can be a great way to change your style with a real impact. 

And Always Know Your Style Guides

Before you make any kind of change to your style, and even one that would be inside of your comfort zone, make sure you know what trend (or trendsetter) you’re following. If it’s a celebrity on Instagram, make sure you’ve collected together some of their fashion posts you like the most. If you’re using someone’s blogging platform as a reference point, make sure you’re up to date on their fashion or shopping tips. 

Either way, just make sure you know your style guides, inside and out, so you’ll always be able to refer back to them.

Could you find your style outside of your comfort zone? Mostly, we tend to dress in things that make us feel comfortable, but some of us get stuck there. If you want to look your best, sometimes you have to make a real change! Don’t be afraid to dress up. 


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