Simi And Oxlade Are Love Spurn On Fiokee And Coublon Produced ‘Koni Koni’

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There’s no more piercing inspiration for musicians to capitalize on than sour love. The heartbreak is always palpable and the emotions in line with whatever tempo the song carries. Simi and Oxlade are some of the industry’s heavyweights with a knack for professing and bemoaning love and together with Fiokee, who is world-famous for his acoustic dexterity, they melodically decry chaotic relationships on their latest, Koni Koni.

Joined by Coublon, Fiokee creates the perfect soundscape for both vocal powerhouses to offload their roiling feelings on. Simi takes the lead, flagging off the single with the perfect line “if I had a dollar for every time you lied to me, I fit buy Helicopter, I fit turn Ajebutter” before handing the reins over to Oxlade who douses us with glittery feels before they both go to harmony town in a manner that masks their heartbreak.

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