My First Time 2.0 #11

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I wouldn’t call my first time a mistake per-say but if I say I expected it, I’d be a liar. This girl and I weren’t in a relationship or anything. I invited her over to my place at night so I’m guessing she knew the p already. We were talking for a bit then it got pretty awkward real quick.

She asked if I wanted to make out, will you say no. I mean who would actually say no? We started kissing and then magically, the lights went off somehow. Things got a bit intense by some people’s standards but we were nowhere near having sex. After a while we laid back to chill for a bit and like 30 seconds later, out of nowhere, she asked if I had a condom. My expression was literally Mr Krabs.

I genuinely hadn’t expected things to go further, I had to text one of my guys that stayed in the same building to hook me up with that condom (S/O my nigga). I finally got it. We started again with random gives for a bit then I was teasing her and messing about with her vagina (the teasing was me actually trying to locate the right hole). I didn’t want to disappoint at all and soon enough, I finally found the hole. Then came the sex, oh boy! The noises she made started creeping me out to be totally honest. I wasn’t sure if the thrusting was meant to sound like whatever it sounded like but what did I know. It was one hell of an adventure sha.

After a while, the tingly excitement started fading and it wasn’t feeling sweet again, I think she noticed. We changed positions and to be honest that was the catalyst. The excitement came back, but damn my back was killing me. Like I said, I didn’t want to disappoint so I didn’t let that stop me. We went on for quite a while. New position = new energy, that’s how it felt.

The condom was uncomfortable not even going to lie but taaa it was deffs staying on. Always stay strapped, don’t even compromise that part of it all.

I’d say don’t lose your virginity unless you think you’re ready and if you’re ready, as I said before, use protection.