My First Time 2.0 #12

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I think one thing I find funny about my First Time was the fact that it happened so soon after I had stopped thinking about the fact that I still hadn’t done it.

So on this particular day, I was hanging out with my friends and all. We were trying to blaze and then go out. But there were a lot of people I wasn’t really in the mood to chill with around. There was a girl I’ve known a while who I kinda felt was into me. So I got irritated by the people I wasn’t trying to mess with and was trying to leave.

My phone charger wasn’t working so this girl said I should come over to her room and use her charger. I get into her room, plug my phone in and sit down. She switches on the TV and then we’re flick through till we get to one of those movie channels. 50 Shades of grey is on and we watch and laugh at how stupid it is.

Next thing I know, we’re making out.

This goes on for a while. Minutes later her hand’s in my pants and she says “Let’s do it.” At this point, I wasn’t going back. I didn’t (and still don’t) think of my virginity as special. I had made a habit of carrying a condom in my wallet (and throwing it out ever so often so I won’t have expired condoms) so I was ready. I put it on and went in. I was told that you only last a couple of minutes your first time as a guy. So I was surprised 20-25 minutes when I still hadn’t cum.

The sex was more trash than good but I still enjoyed it really.

Next thing you know we hear the door unlocking and we scramble to be kind of decent when her roommate walks in.

Cue  awkwardness.

Her roommate took a bag of cigarettes from her table, all the while apologizing for intruding and blaming the girl for not warning her in some sort of way. After she left, we laughed about it, I put on my clothes and left. And that was it.