My First Time 2.0 #6

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Poster for the second edition of Culture Custodian's yearly feature, My First Time

I was born and have lived almost my entire life in a very exotic and tropical country. We always have beach parties, festivals and exhibitions of DJs on beaches, etc. In August 2013 I went for a 2-day festival at a beach, the place was beautiful. I remember it was the first festival I had ever been to in my life. Everything was beautiful, lots of lights, good music, and my friends were all present and I was in the mood to dance and have fun.

I met a surfer, he was one year younger than I was but I couldn’t tell by his appearance. His skin looked like milk chocolate, his eyes were brown and his hair was light brown almost blond because of the sun and sea waters. He was dancing close to me and he did not stop making eye contact. I had noticed him before and I told my best friend that I found him very cute. At that moment, my best friend told me that they were cousins and that it was my lucky day, we were all going to spend the night in the same house. I was pleased with the news. Then my friend introduced me to him and we started dancing together. We did not exchange many words and later left the party and went home. When we got home, I changed my clothes and went to sleep. He came and snuggled close to me. We looked at each other for a long time and then he kissed me I do not know for how long. The next day, we woke up and it was all as an adventure. Teenagers alone in a beach house, a dream. That night we went to our last party because next day we would have to return to the city. That night was not different from the first one.

What was special happened when we returned to the city. My best friend parents away for a few days. We arrived in the city not too early in the morning. I was alone in the house with my best friend, all the others were gone. At night he and his other friends came over. We downed a couple of cups of alcohol, played cards and when it was late everyone left, but he opted to stay with me. My best friend went to bed and left us alone. And that was when everything happened. We started to kiss and grab each other very intensely. In a matter of time, we were naked, and without me realizing, our bodies were connected. I cannot say we had a special moment exalt in pleasure. In fact my first time was not very pleasant. But I pretty much liked it and do not regret it at all. I did not have an orgasm but he did. I did not feel comfortable at some times because it was a little painful for me. But he was there to comfort me, he was very sweet to me that was what matters. Whenever I moaned in pain he asked me if I wanted to stop. He kissed and caressed me and he did not stop looking into my eyes, which gave me a lot of security and confidence. Once we were done, we showered together and once again he was very kind to me. We went to the room and he spent the night. For the first time we talked about so much, we cuddled, and then fell asleep in each other’s arms. On the second night he came to see me and we had a repeat of the earlier day’s session. I like to say the second time was when I truly lost my virginity because this time I bled.

I honestly did not see him as someone I would be with for eternity. But I liked him. He also liked me but it was different, it was only a special affection. I suffered a little at the time because I was not corresponded, but I never regretted it. I was just a bit young, 16 years old.

Losing your virginity is something important but cannot be compared for example to marriage. One day it will happen and it is normal. Being a virgin does not make anyone holy, nor is something to have pride or shame in. For me is just a neutral state. The advice I give is to feel prepared but most important, is to want to feel accompanied by security. And in my opinion it is not anything extraordinary. There are people who save it for when they are really loved, others feel that first they have to be experts in the subject. But I say is only a matter of wanting it and doing it with someone who makes you feel safe and secure.

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