My First Time 2.0 #7

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I’d never attached any real meaning to my virginity and I just wanted to do it when I was ready and boy was I sure that it was finally time for it to happen. After many years of being together, we were actually going to do the real deed that. There were many attempts but we never really sealed the deal if you know what I mean. So we wanted to make it as special as possible. We went on a date and the whole day felt like normal but really, it wasn’t. It was the day I was going to lose my virginity. After dinner we went back to his house and walked up to his room. I had make that walk up those stairs many a time but today felt different. It’s like the whole world knew that today it was about to go down.

We got into the room and my body got tense. I had to keep telling myself that I was going to be fine and I wanted this. I made my way onto his bed. I didn’t understand why I was nervous. I had been in this room many a time and slept on this bed as well. I guess sex was different. He came to lay next to me and we started to kiss. We continued making out then he reached in his drawer for a condom. There we were and it was about to happen. I could feel as our bodies shifted. He was now and top. He kissed me one more time then proceeded to put it in. As it slowly came inside me, I started to roll my eyes to the back of my head. Oh it was happening and it felt good. I wasn’t sure after reading all the blogs about how the firsts usually go. I was satisfied in ways I did not know I could be. This was it. It lasted seven minutes, yeah, I know, we timed it. That’s how much we put into it. This was the big deal everyone made about sex. It was good. After our first time we had sex about three times more that week which means obviously, I wasn’t sobbing in my bed the night after I lost my virginity.

We stayed on as friends and still are till today and I’d advise you to only go lose your virginity if both parties involved are ready.