Fishbone Trailer: Shaffy Bello Looks Sassy in Editi Effiong’s Directorial Debut.

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Fishbone trailer starring shaffy bellow editi effiond

After debuting Nollywood as a producer on the Northern-Nigerian epic, Up North, Anakle’s Editi Effiong will be making his directorial debut with Fishbone, a story on the dark world of drug counterfeiting in the slums of Lagos.

Fishbone follows a detective who has been investigating a gang of counterfeiters but has been frustrated by the corruption in offices above his paygrade. He makes important arrests, but the suspects are released after a few hours in custody. It stars a sassy Shaffy Bello alongside Daniel Etim Effiong, Kehinde Bankole and Moshood Attai. The film is produced in collaboration with the US Embassy in Nigeria.

Effiong’s entry into Nollywood is clearly distinctive, he wants to tell important stories about places that aren’t often represented in Nollywood. Up North celebrated the vast beauty of Bauchi and the rich culture of its people. Fishbone is a dark, important story about the sales of fake drugs to unsuspecting folks in the poorest areas of Lagos.

Watch the Fishbone trailer below.