7 Tips For Sticking to Your Fitness Goals

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Living healthy with a busy lifestyle many would argue is extremely difficult, others would state that it is outrightly impossible.  Yes, living healthy can challenging, however as with most things in life nothing good comes easy. Moreso, once healthy living is a lifestyle and not a phase as with diets and rapid weightloss programs, it becomes far easier to maintain- it becomes second nature.

Here are 7 tips for sticking to a winning lifestyle:

  1. Be determined/Focused: healthy living is a discipline, it will be hard to begin with but if start out with a determined attitude you will succ
  2. Plan and Prepare! : Saturday afternoon get excited; go grocery shopping and plan meals and exercises for the week. Sunday evening cook the meals, enjoy the process, then for dinner treat yourself to craving. Wake up monday morning and refocus.
  3. Do not think: Sometimes you may have to ‘Just do it’, take your brain out of it. It can help to view exercising and eating healthy as compulsory, with no other alternative.
  4. Have a routine : Make a small change and make it a routine- set a time that suits you. E.g. morning runs are great, they burns fat reserves like no other time in the day, you feel energised and it means you wont have to worry later on in the day.
  5. Have a goal and post them somewhere visible like your fridge. It will keep your goals on your mind , cultivate good habits and keep you wanting more success.
  6. Be patient & Realistic: benefits of eating healthy and exercising will not show immediately, so you must be determined.  Also, aiming to loose 3kg a week is an unrealistic dangerous goal
  7. Document your progress!