Freedom, Fun & Whiskey: Scenes from Jameson Connects 2021

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The 7th Jameson Connects brought whiskey lovers together on Independence Day for an immersive Jameson experience. Jameson Irish Whiskey delighted guests with an array of exciting activities – from an alternative fashion pop-up to electrifying music, gourmet junk food, craft, games, and an experience that spurred people to bond with each other in an unpretentious train-themed celebration.

Jameson is a 3rd way brand which identifies strongly with the fearless, courageous spirit of Nigerians. Since 2016, the darling of the alternative community has hosted its tentpole event at historical & cultural sites: from Jaekel House to last year’s event at the Old Nepa Power Station. This year, the brand kept the venue as a surprise, revealing the details to the sold-out experience to guests that morning.


Nigeria’s 61st birthday was celebrated at her first train station: Lagos Terminus. Sitting pretty on the bottom of Carter Bridge, overlooking the Lagoon. The green, cream, and maroon façade is a reproduction of Jameson’s brand colours – coincidence or destiny? The station was established in 1909 and was a major freight and passenger station, connecting the hinterland with Lagos’ ports and major markets in nearby Lagos Island.

With this year’s theme: Celebrating the Freedom to be You, Jameson successfully reinforced its passion for celebrating the uniqueness of people. The theme focuses on the bold and free-spirited nature of young Nigerians, who continue to defy the odds in choosing and embracing authentic lifestyles and values.

Attendees enjoyed a host of activities including: one of 3 smooth cocktails – Jameson Zobo Sour, Palm-wine twist or Jameson, Sprite & Lime. Complimentary haircuts at the Sip & Cut experience from Kayzplace barbershop treated ladies and bearded brothers to stylish awesomeness. The Bond & Connect zone had people bonding over Ayò, FIFA, Jenga, foosball, table tennis, and more. Folks also enjoyed the extremely popular Arts and Craft corner, where they handmade own clay pots and candles, while getting beautiful henna and face painting.

Jameson Connects 2021 also featured alternative fashion brands WAF, Shushi, Paradiceparade, Daltimore brand, Sneakerfest & Push It; selling cool merch, and a screen-printing area where guests could customize Independence themed Jameson shirts designed by Wafflesncream.

The food was sublime! Guests licked their fingers after delicious food from Kuti’s Bistro (the Jameson-ribs were a crowd fave), Kewa’s Kitchen (of prawn akara fame), and Sizzling Fingaz (champions of small chops with big flavours). 

The performances were a vibe! People got to rock to music with DJ sets from perennial Jameson Connects performer: Aye, and the magical Camron. Alternative music flagbearers Buju, Ayra Starr, Ajebutter 22, Boj on the microphone, and Odunsi.the.engine had the crowd moshing, raving and grooving.

One of our favourite memories was Ayra Starr (a welcome newcomer to the Jameson Connects stage) announcing that this was her first time performing to a crowd who looked just like her. The crowd gladly obliged her and gave her back the electric energy x100.

We are dying for the next Jameson Connects experience because there’s nothing quite like it: the vibes, connections, and community: you have to be there. 

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Jameson is a triple distilled Irish Whiskey; matured and bottled in Ireland. Jameson should be enjoyed responsibly by people over 18.

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