Fresh L’s SUNS Is An Ode To a Wild, Situationship Dominated Summer

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SUNS (See U Next Summer) is a funky upbeat ode to a wild summer filled with situationships, promises of a good time, heartbreaks and more for Fresh L. Cutting into the sunset of summer for him, Fresh L takes the two best elements that produce an irrepressible urge to move; spacey keys & electro dubstep beats that suppress the negative lyricism stemming from a bitter situation-ship on the introductory track; Call Back produced by ODH. Call Back sets the tone for the dominant tappery summer vibes given off on every track on the EP. 

Following it is Ride 4 Me, a loopy mid tempo track with bits of jazzy elements providing a background for Fresh L to question the loyalty of the track’s main muse. 

Swiftly delving from the toned down plane he’d been on, Fresh L while possessing the makings of an afrobeat piece employs Davido to deliver a springy ‘shoot your shot’ anthem which has them making promises of marriage to their girls in Firewood. 

Still maintaining the sappy theme of the EP, Fresh L pleads for attention on a soundscape of echoing synths & pads and sonorous ad-libs provided by an uncredited source. 

With an unexpected twist, Fresh L crosses the final line on SUNS by delivering a vibey jam that encourages bed peace & the ultimate lax mood with lent vocals from Wavy the Creator, smoothly accompanying Fresh’s racy lyricism. Together, they ride the bass lines to the sunset.