From Jidenna To Vivendii: W Magazine Spotlights Nigerian Creatives

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We probably will never be able to backtrack the moment when there was a breakout of the Nigerian presence in the global scene. The infiltration of world culture by Nigerians has been building up and seeping in for some time since the reign of Fela, and even long before we can remember.

Many hold court whether it’s in literature, music, fashion, or art. So, It makes sense that W Magazine decided to shine the spotlight on Nigerian creatives, highlighting the work they’ve been doing and the strides they’ve been making.

Some of the creatives in the industry are highlighted through the beautiful images taken by Ruth Ossai,  from Orange Culture’s Adebayo Oke-LawalJidennaTeju ColeDeberechiElnathan John.

Also the brains behind the streetwear brand, Vivendii – Jimmy Ayeni, Ola Badiru, and Anthony Oye, and more.

Read the full feature on W Magazine.

Photography Credits: W Magazine


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