fuji Wants To Soundtrack Fun Times With Friends On ‘Gbese!’

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In the past decade, we’ve enjoyed a mammoth feast of music made by Nigeria’s internationally renowned new school class, one that is notably characterized by experimentation with and fusion of foreign sounds. In this class, musicians have evolved over the years, digging into their beliefs and remaining contrarian in respect to the norms prescribed by the music industry. Multidimensional artist, fuji is one of those contrarians challenging the norms. Having been on his music journey for more than a decade, fuji has been able to craft a Trap, Afropop, and Psychedelia fused sound that matches his breezy persona to a T. This advanced version of the singer-songwriter, who is also a producer is materializing and manifesting this week in a side of him, powered by fun, fate, and freestyles on Gbese! featuring BrisB, the genre-transcendent singer’s encapsulation of fun-time steeped in great vibes.

Gbese!’s title is self-explanatory, just as fuji’s words do his intent, justice. The overall heady ambiance created by the fusion of these little but powerful elements allow said intent to be clear as day. According to fuji, Gbese! simply means good vibes and the exploration of said vibes without inhibition. Being a lively song, it stems from nights spent sharing and creating with friends. While he believes the single’s title is a catch coupled with an instrumental that serves as his “main charge”, fuji wants his listeners to be thrown into a similar ambiance when his words, articulated in deep bass, are thrown in the mix.

Produced by Makama, Gbese! is accompanied by an Onari-directed video that is reflective of its narrative.


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