Funbi Makes A Sweltering Return On Spax-produced ‘My Intentions’

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Funbi, a soulful singer and dynamic storyteller whose essence captures the past, highlights the present, and sets the standard for the next generation of Nigerian vocalists to come, in a way that celebrates the reactive nature of the industry at the moment, returns today, refreshed and rebranded with infectious new single My Intentions .

Produced by Spax, My Intentions is infused with intoxicating Afrofunk melodies and introspective, lyrical subject matter alluding to Funbi’s cheeky and corny intent for a muse he showers with promises. In an emboldened manner musicians approach subjects these days, Funbi has his feet deeply rooted in his sturdy emotions as he reveals, sultry line after line, his feelings, and intentions washed in spunky percussions.

Speaking on his upcoming new music, Funbi explains:
“I have evolved, I am now more accepting of my emotions, more honest about my feelings, and not ashamed about it. I’m not trying to hide anything anymore, I’m taking the consequences as they come, just in a space where I am free. Keeping these emotions in is negative, you become congested and uncomfortable, it’s time to open up.”