Fuse ODG Enlists Olamide, Flava, Joey B And Kwamz On ‘Cool Down’

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Music delivery comes in different formats these days and with the advancement of time and technology, musicians strive to outdo previous creative endeavors. ‌Being the propagator of a once-popular dance move, Azonto, creativity isn’t an issue to Fuse ODG whose selfie cypher challenge is currently making rounds in the world.

The first of its kind challenge feeds off the beauty of different cultures in the world and with the power of different musicians from all over Africa including Olamide, Joey B, Kwamz and Flava driving the song titled Cool Down, the challenge goes down better than expected.

Fuse ODG introduces the track with a stellar verse that gives way to even better verses and a catchy chorus delivered atop a kaleidoscope of instrumentals.

In the video which travels from hand to hand and city to city, Fuse ODG promotes the challenge with a myriad of inviting selfies that will definitely push the culture he’s trying to create.

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