Gabzy’s ‘Pull Up’ Is A Mid-tempo Ode To Love, Lust And Adoration

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About two months ago, Gabzy told us he thinks his music is “a vibe”, two words that encapsulate his lifestyle and attitude towards music. More than anything, his commendable discography, hinged on our reverence of his bankable partnership with Melvitto, is a reflection of his persona and with each new release, he proves this ‘vibe’ is innate. The just-released Lekaa produced Pull Up reflects this to a T.

Opening up with resonant synth keys, which creates the perfect entrance for Gabzy’s subdued but smooth and swingy delivery, Pull Up is everything we expect from Gabzy. A lusty midtempo ode to a muse whose performance he is impressed by.

Pull Up might be a mid-tempo love ballad that eases us into a season where feelings like Gabzys’ on the song is prime, but with it, he delivers something that is all him, unfiltered and nonconforming, but in the same vein, wildly engaging in under three minutes.