Gaise Baba Shows Off His Artistic Growth On Sophomore album ‘A Decade After’ 

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Gaise Baba, born Akinade Ibuoye, has come a long way since he put out his debut album in August 2011 under Sanctified Records. He has since released eleven singles, Logo (The EP), started The LightOut Movement for teenagers as well as Christian Creatives and created ARAMANDA – the leading youth-centric Christian Festival in Nigeria.

Over a decade later, Gaise has earned his name Baba, moving up the ranks from an obscure position in the industry to a fully-grown master of his art, utilizing different art forms and sounds while creating an immersive youthful culture in the Nigerian Christian music space. Gaise, who is a product of the Berklee College of Music,  shows off this metamorphosis on his sophomore album A Decade After.

With excellent production from ID Cabasa, DJ Klem, Tbabz and Password, the 13-track full-length project takes listeners on a musical journey. As you listen, you hear a man who has come into his own as he shows off his evolution into a Gospel Afro-Fusion artiste and culture architect. Gaise explores a new dimension of creativity and depth on A Decade After that lets you know that this is a man well acquainted with his calling to influence and shape culture.

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