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Season 1 Episode 1

We got thrown right into the action with Game of Thrones. In the first scene of the show we saw White Walkers attack 3 brothers of the Night’s Watch. I infer that they chose that scene deliberately to express to viewers what really is the most acute dilemma in that whole world. Because ultimately it doesn’t really matter who sits on the Iron Throne if the White Walkers gain strength and attack the realm but so far it’s still only the Night’s Watch (and Melisandre) that seem to care.

It was also in this episode that we first witnessed Jaime and Cersei having sex. Incest is not at all common on either television or film but here we are on the very first episode of this new show and we’re watching a brother and sister really go at it. And it wasn’t even in the somewhat innocent way that some 5 year olds get slightly curious with each other, they were grown adults and it didn’t seem like their first time. And then in a moment that really let us know what we were in for with this show, the twins noticed Bran watching and Jaime pushed him through the tower window to his death. I don’t think we had ever seen a child’s life treated with that much nonchalance on television before.


Season 1 Episode 9


Ned Stark’s beheading would not have happened on any other show. I remember watching this episode next to a friend who had seen it already and I just kept repeating, “I mean, they can’t kill him. They can’t. They’ve spent all season building this character!” to which she replied, “Just watch.” There were so many misdirections because even the characters on the show didn’t expect it to happen. Sansa was smiling at her dad when he was brought out because she expected him to be pardoned, Varys had made arrangements with Yoren to transport Ned to the wall, Cersei was looking forward to all the control she would have over him, even the soundtrack was positive! But no, they killed him there right in front of his children. “Ser Ilyn, bring me his head!”


Season 2 Episode 1

After Robert Baratheon had died and Joffrey took the throne, he and Cersei wondered if there would be anyone out there to challenge his parentage so Joffrey sent his Kingsguard out to go kill all of Robert’s bastards so they would never be able to claim the throne. One of these bastards included a newborn that was torn right from its mother’s arms.


Season 3 Episode 9

Nothing nearly as shocking or heartbreaking has happened since or before The Red Wedding. It was a total game changer. A lot of people were rooting for Robb Stark and this meant the collapse of the Stark name. It had been 2 years since Ned’s death and we had all forgotten about it. We let ourselves believe that good prevailed over evil and again we were so wrong. George RR Martin and the Double Ds served us bread and salt then waited until we were comfortable before stabbing us in our hearts. Three episodes later they killed Joffrey as well showing us that evil doesn’t prevail either, everybody just dies in Game of Thrones.

Now that we have all had the chance to recover, I think we can admit that The Red Wedding was inevitable. Truthfully we only know how bad Walder Frey is in retrospect but still, Robb had to die somehow. Besides, with the way he kept on making bad decisions left, right and centre he was basically suicidal. He doesn’t fit in the way the story has progressed and he was not politically minded enough to have survived longer. Robb and Catelyn were too trusting of Lord Frey given that they knew of his history which led to the nickname, “The Late Walder Frey.” Of course, someone who doesn’t take his own oaths seriously would have a king brutally murdered for daring to cross him.


Season 4 Episode 8

If Oberyn won the fight against The Mountain, it would have been the coolest scene in Game of Thrones history! “You raped her. You murdered her. You killed her children.” He only lost because he arrogantly needed to get a confession. Well, he got one. Oberyn’s death just further cemented every character’s mortality. Not because Oberyn himself died but because his death meant that Tyrion too would die. At least that’s what the sentence was. Tyrion’s escape from his cell was the third time he had cheated death (1 was at his trial at The Vale, 2 was during the fight on Blackwater) and I just hope that he survives the entire series. After Tywin’s death there’s no death that could shock us anymore. We’re shockproof now.


Season 5 Episode 10

I was wrong; we’re not shockproof. Killing Jon Snow was a bold move even though we all know that he is not going to stay dead.

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