Gbasky’s Sophomore EP ‘Black Frequency’ Bears Mark Of His Evolution

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In 2017, Gbasky emerged as a product of the industry’s revolution which inspired music giants like Sarz to expand their horizons into cutting edge innovations like The Sarz Academy, an army of budding producers.

Entirely built on the dewy but promising skills of young producers, his debut EP, Phenomenal, was a literal first step into the industry. More than 2 years later, Gbasky returns following a rebrand with his sophomore project, Black Frequency, a compilation of evolution, talent and raw, unabashed feelings which he pours into eight solid tracks.

Opening with Stress, an acoustic bass-powered product of introspection which carries the weight of the society’s current atmosphere, Gbasky cuts deep into his emotions, revealing the state of his mind and how it influences the quality of his work. He leaves the more popular and relatable subjects to the build-up; a move that indicates a refined knowledge of the saturation of music in this climate.

While the EP is borderline acoustic-driven, Gbasky doesn’t fail to play with experimentation and show off his grasp on a wide range of exquisite sounds, an elite spin of conforming lyrics and his signature delivery, synonymous with the allure of a brilliant music charmer unrestricted by genres.

As is the norm for the soul train driver, he stands alone except on atmospheric Free Person which leans on the dancehall powers of King Perryy and Anthony Offiah.

It’s not usual when an artist’s rebranding is truly represented in their music but Black Frequency is a pure representation of refined growth that seeps into every track and even Gbasky’s delivery which displays an advancement in the understanding of what’s not only profitable but of excellent quality.

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