Ghanaian Wondergirl Moliy Releases Spanking New Single, ‘Hard’ Featuring Moonchild Sanelly

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Ghanaian singer-songwriter Moliy has teamed up with South African artist, Moonchild Sanelly (widely known for her major contribution to Beyonceʼs Black is King album) to bring us the perfect woman empowerment anthem of the year titled, HARD.

The single introduces listeners to a preview of whatʼs to come on her highly anticipated upcoming EP Honey Doom, which is set to be released on October 19th. Infused with a beautiful collaboration of Hip Hop and Afrobeat sounds, while laced with Moliy’s signature baddie energy, the smooth new single is undeniably infectious, as Moliy starts the track by setting the tone and laying the lines out smoothly, allowing us to anticipate more.

Speaking on the making track, Moliy says:

“Since the Wondergirl EP, I’ve grown through some experiences that were meant to break and discourage me, but also some sweet moments that let me see the beauty in life. In Honey Doom I share my unadulterated thoughts on life, love, and reaffirm my stance as a voice of empowerment for young women.”


Moliyʼs vocals ride effortlessly over MikeMillzOnEmʼs production, as she brings us into her state of mind before introducing us to the high energy and glaring confidence of Moonchild, who brings their own dose of magic and sexy cool vibes to the track.

Revealing HARD as the second track taken from her upcoming EP, the single provides a peek into what to expect from the young star. Speaking about the upcoming project, Moliy explains:


“When I began this project the ultimate goal was to give fans more depth as to who Wondergirl really is, and I do this the best way I know how, by pouring my heart and experiences into lyrics and just being real. Calling on the usual suspects, producers Mikemillzonem and Zodivc initially to get the ball rolling, I ended up enlisting really incredible acts like Moonchild Sanelly, Mellissa, P Prime, Dj Radix, Juls and Gafacci to take it to the next level.”


Said to feature some of Moliyʼs most vulnerable, raw storytelling to date, and tracks which solidify her personal development as a young woman unpacking love and relationships, this upcoming project embodies her own experimental journey with her sound, which remains otherworldly, airy and optimistic, while expanding to include more of her influences globally.

Deeply influenced by her rich Ghanaian ancestry, Moliyʼs childhood fluctuated between Accra and Orlando, Florida where the musical sounds of Afrobeats, Reggae, Soul, Jazz, and Hip-Hop inspired her musical pursuits at a very young age. Self-identifying as a genre-bender who embraces all forms of music, Moliy took advantage of the global digital space to introduce her creative versatility and sound through provocative freestyles on social platforms.

Despite a year beset with a global pandemic in 2020, Moliy captured audiences by strategically releasing Wondergirl, which skyrocketed the artist to virality, via her hit track Sad Girlz Luv Money, which has amassed nearly 250 million streams to date. As one of Ghanaʼs foremost rising artists, the alté and afrofusion singer has been on a consistent rise, and was featured in Spotifyʼs Equal Africa campaign, including a billboard in Times Square.

With her unique approach to sound and music, Moliyʼs main objective is to authenticate herself in the new crop of vibrant female singers that are carving a path for themselves in the mostly male-dominated industry. And with Ghanaian music on the global rise, we expect to see and hear Moliy on stages and platforms worldwide in the years to come.

Listen to her new single, HARD down below: