Ghetto Boy returns with ‘Balance’

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Based between Accra and Hackney, Ghetto Boy’s latest single delivers a slick, measured dose of Afrobeats. It’s a vibe that ideally complements lyrics that stress the importance of living a balanced life, with an air of confidence and maturity present throughout. The track’s official video, set to be unveiled shortly after the single release, sees Ghetto Boy staying true to his roots as he dances enthusiastically with friends.

Explaining the essence of the record, Ghetto Boy said “Balance is the dancers’ favorite. Funky/Afro vibes mixed with gh pidgin rap. About the girl that underestimates you ‘til she sees you in the club, spraying money.”

Balance follows on from the acclaimed Je.Both tracks will feature on forthcoming EP Me vs You an exciting and pivotal project for Ghetto Boy, paying homage to the continent and portraying his determination to steer the narrative by. The ‘You’ within the title of the EP refers to Ghetto Boy’s listeners and the type of music the industry expects, while the ‘Me’ represents his conviction to remain true to himself. The seven tracks on the record are not your average, run-of-the-mill Afrobeats songs but a meticulously constructed medley of what can be better described as Afrofusion and highlife sounds, with the dialect being either Akan (the Ghanaian language) or broken English.

A mature, coming-of-age single, ‘Balance’ is evidence of a young artist in possession of all the attributes necessary to make it to the top.

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