Gigi Atlantis Yearns for Freedom on ‘Can I Live’

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Gigi Atlantis is everyone venturing towards complete freedom from whatever on her latest Can I Live. It’s an appropriate comeback to the chaos she stirred up on Wahala On The Rocks, her fan-favorite single released in 2019. With chaos, relevance and fame come attention and it’s the unnecessity of it that stirs her desire for breathing space on this highly relatable single.

Rah. Why do people feel entitled to others time and space. Just because I have a phone, doesn’t mean I’m on call. Like, can I live?”, this is the identifiable pedestal on which Gigi Atlantis stands as she mesmerically speaks on behalf of all of us who are shackled by frivolities even as she demands freedom. Gigi Atlantis is something like a warrior, she wields her sass, silky vocals, the rhythmic fusion of snares and keys as a weapon to defeat the captors holding her freedom.

“I’ll take salt over sugar any day” is the metaphorical closer that speaks to her aversion to friendliness. Gigi Atlantis is over it and the Ikon produced Can I Live is her already cashed in ticket to complete freedom.

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