Gigi Atlantis And BOJ Are An Elusive Tag Team On ‘Death Proof’

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Late last year, we caught Gigi Atlantis in her element on the Fasina assisted Wahala On The Rocks, an upbeat eye-opener that did more than welcome us into her world. It exposed us to the sensual and mind-altering mystification surrounding her sense of artistry. Now this year, as she moves towards releasing an EP, we get to witness more of this sphinx that presents every time she offers music on Death Proof.

The mid-tempo track turns Gigi’s sleek delivery into an edgy rendition driven by the emboldened personality she takes on. Joined by BOJ, she acknowledges the quirks and complexities of traversing life even as she tunefully relishes her uniqueness and Ikon Ekwuyasi’s eclectic instrumental.

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