Girl Power: Amarachi Nwosu is Transcending Culture In Her Film For Nike Women

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Amarachi Nwosu, aka Amara Worldwide, has always commanded the attention of her audience thanks largely to the quality of the work she has put out. The self-taught photographer and cinematographer has continued to tell stories that emphasize the need to understand black culture and contest the stereotypes surrounding race and ethnicity. In 2017, she released her first short, the highly acclaimed Black in Tokyo. Building on the success of her debut, Nwosu continues her passion for telling empowering stories with the short film, A Game For All, for Nike Women. 

The film aims to challenge gender norms in sports and emphasizes the inclusion of Nigerian women in sports, especially football. A Game For All debuted on Nike Women and the Nike app and has already caught the attention of many on Twitter and Instagram.  Watch A Game For All below and also check her website Melanin Unscripted for more inspiring content.

Featured Image by @Dawasuya / IG

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