Glenfiddich Hosts An Evening Of Storytelling With Nancy Isime, Mr. Eazi, and M.I ‘The Guy’

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With over 140 years of experience producing whisky, Glenfiddich offers a rich, smooth flavour and a feeling of tradition. A brand with a history of immense growth, Glenfiddich constantly pushes the envelope, paving the way for others, and asks, “Where Next?” This idea is what fuels its reputation as the most honoured Single Malt Scotch Whisky in the world.

It has always been important for the brand to establish alliances with the most imaginative individuals termed the ‘Mavericks’ who have significant influence in their industries and continuously push the envelope of mastery. As a result, on Sunday, December 4th, Glenfiddich teamed up with three extraordinary individuals and Mavericks in their own right, Nancy Isime, Mr Eazi, and M.I. ‘The Guy’. The Scottish brand hosted them to an intimate round table discussion with brand supporters, music lovers, and popular lifestyle and media personalities to celebrate uniqueness and free thinking.

The roundtable conversation was led by the renowned Afrobeat musician, Seun Kuti, and the event took place at the Blues Members Club, Speakeasy. Each round table attendees discussed their enterprises, and how they have managed to thrive despite facing numerous challenges. Additionally, guests enjoyed a lavish dinner prepared by the outstanding Chef Atim Uko (Afrolems). The classic Whiskey Sour, the all-time favourite Old Fashion, and Glenfiddich’s distinctive Mint Julep & Honeycomb were among the cocktails presented to guests.

Twin vocalists and songwriters, Oiza and Meyi of Project Fame provided the evening’s standout musical performances. This was closely followed by fantastic feel-good music by the exceptional three-man band – Mac Roc, Precious Mac, and David Operah throughout the entire evening.

Speaking at the event, Meta Luxury Manager, William Grants, and Sons, Eddie Madaki, stated, “At Glenfiddich, we believe in taking chances to experience real growth, but nothing quite compares to embracing the uncharted paths alongside other Mavericks who share the same ideology as you.”

When asked about the inspiration behind her work, Nancy Isime remarked, “One of the things I found to be incredibly significant and helped me get to where I am today was being able to do things on my terms.”

“As a mechanical engineering graduate from Kwame Nkrumah University, I knew that working a 9–5 career was not for me. I put my energy into music, which I adore, and here I am today.” Mr Eazi said during the discussion.

M.I. speaking about his craft and his current project, said, “We are paving a pathway to a world. One in which creatives are empowered and capable of providing value, beauty, and inspiration to everyone. We will continue to develop ways to improve the lives of artists who wish to focus on creating great work for the world and also ensure that our creatives are protected in the global marketplace by creating safe avenues for them to transact with the global market.”

The philosophy of Glenfiddich’s Where Next? examines the mastery and uncertainties that come along with the path to advancement, where reaching the pinnacle is only the start. This evening was no exception to the brand’s tradition of highlighting tales of forging one’s path, finding one’s passion and purpose in life, working hard, and accepting vulnerability.

Relive some of the best moments from the event below!