GMK teams up with Kida Kudz and Tomi Thomas for EP single ‘Call On Me’

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GMK has a place at the centre of the Alte movement in Nigeria. He assisted in the creation of Odunsi (The Engine)’s debut album; rare., and acted as the Sound Engineer. However this week, the sound sensei veers off to share the first single off an upcoming EP designed to show off his production skills.

Enlisting Tomi Thomas and Kida Kudz as the front-liners for the mid-tempo single titled Call On Me, GMK takes us through a journey of a thousand miles alluding to a situationship that presses on the minds of the trio.

While Tomi Thomas sensually delivers the hook and last verse, Kida Kudz’s short but impactful verse provides the much-needed edge GMK’s drowsy and intoxicating instrumentals requires.

Call On Me is a blend of Grime, Dancehall and slow Pop which for a starter is bound to light GMK’s path to the release of these projects on fire.