GMK, Sugarbana And Prettyboy D-O Lock Down Confidence Boosters On ‘Strong And Solid’

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Despite his lack of a solo single run in 2019, GMK stayed relevant due to his credibility as a producer responsible for some of the year’s strongest hits which spanned the entirety of Nigeria’s alternative scene. As he moves to chart his own path this year, he shares his first solo release in a while titled Strong And Solid.

Powered by the synergetic duo, Sugarbana, and Prettyboy D-O, whose profitable partnership was established on Terminate, Strong And Solid, is a bouncy EDM cut designed to champion fun causes and soundtrack raves. Opening with a rushing synthesized key rendition signature to EDM, the single dabbles into bits and pieces of other genres including Dancehall which Sugabana and Prettyboy have no qualms handling.

GMK does a great job of re-inserting himself into the music society as a solo artist with this turntable and playlist keeper.