GMK, Tomi Thomas and Santi meet on ‘pears and mangoes’

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Listen to pears and mangoes by GMK, Santi and Tomi Thomas

GMK and Santi have forged a partnership many dream of with references like Gangsta Fear and Jungle Fever. So have GMK and Tomi Thomas delivering tracks like Coconut Lips. Their latest delivery sees GMK call on both Santi and Tomi Thomas on an uptempo track pears and mangoes.

We are exposed to a variety of traditional drums which ultimately spice up the track with a clap tune in the background and blends in perfectly with a range of catchy samba and cha cha beats. Tomi Thomas continues an impressive run with stellar work on the hook ahead of Santi who delivers the second verse. In the same manner your doctor will approve of increasing your intake of pears and mangoes, we approve this as a track you need on your playlists.