GoodGirl LA Is Deep In Her Feelings As She Makes A Return On ‘Jeje’

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GoodGirl LA is back and on her new single titled Jeje, she’s brazen and vocal about her feelings for her muse. The Primebeatz produced single finds her wielding her deep syrupy vocals as Cupid’s arrow as she attempts to serenade her muse with sweet words and a lush articulation of her feelings.

The piano-driven single is the delightful breath of fresh air needed in these uncertain times. GoodGirl LA has previously fronted her affinity for matters of the heart and her ability to command the feelings of her listeners to meld with the good vibes she emanates in her singles. On Jeje, she delivers just the right amount of zest needed to intoxicate her listeners with the added blessing of a sprightly instrumental.

Photo credit: @iamtheosagie

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