GoodGirl LA Bows Out Of An Eventful Year With Party-Starter ‘Talo Lomo’

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After a rather eventful year, the highlight of which was her dazzling debut, GoodGirl LA bows out with a P.Prime and Tempoe produced single titled Talo Lomo. Assisted by Terri, the fast-paced single is your run-of-the-mill Afropop single but GoodGirl LA being the architect of sound that she is, stylizes the single with provocative lyrics articulated in her signature husky vocals that give off sultry vibes.

Terri fronts his party-loving persona on Talo Lomo with a low but infectious energy filled hook that blends into an even more alluring chorus.

GoodGirl LA clearly knows her stuff and playing to the gallery with Talo Lomo at this time of the year, is a solid move that will make her entry into 2020 easy.

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