Governor Akeredolu Calls For Decentralisation of Federal Prison System

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Recently elected Governor of Ondo State, Oluwarotimi Akeredolu yesterday pushed for the decentralisation of the federal prison system in emulation of countries where states have the autonomy to develop their own prisons structures during a visit from comptroller of Prisons in the state, Suanu Kelani.

Akeredolu argued that with the rise of the crime rates and constant use of prisons without adequate maintenance the move to decentralise is the way to go. Akeredolu said:

“It won’t continue to work this way with only the Federal Government building and managing prisons.

No wonder some prisons are closing down; the point is not congestion, the problem is expansion and as long as we leave it as a federal concern, it will always be a problem.”

It also seems that the prison system and Ondo state government have a working relationship which diverts ex-convicts into agricultural and entrepreneurial sectors.

Source: Premium Times