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Recently there have been clashes between farmers and herdsmen in Benue state.

Governor Gabriel Suswam of Benue State has said armed men were causing destruction of lives and property in Benue and beyond.

Mr. Suswam told State House Correspondents in Abuja on Friday that thousands of the militiamen had invaded the state and are causing socio-political unrest.

According to him, unless they are dislodged, the frequent clashes with farmers in the state could degenerate into serious crisis.

“It is getting very serious and I am worried and the entire people of Benue are very worried about how these people in their thousands are moving freely and causing the kind of destruction that they are causing in Benue state.

“We hope that this situation will be checkmated with some of the actions taken by the President.

Mr. Suswam stated that he was in the Presidential Villa to brief President Goodluck Jonathan about the deteriorating situation in his state regarding the crisis between the militias and farmers.

He said the situation in Benue state could not be isolated from the security situation in the country.

“I think some people are taking advantage of the security situation in the country to further create fear on our people and the unfortunate thing is that the people in Benue are basically farmers and these militias have taken over some parts of the lands.

“Some people have run away into town and so, down the road we are going to have economic issues.

“These people must necessarily be dislodged. We must dislodge them because from all indications they want to form another base.

“Once they set up their bases in these places, they can attack anywhere from there. Kogi is not safe; Nasarawa is not safe, even Abuja is not safe.

“So, they must dislodge them now that they are just settling down, they are in their numbers and they have all kinds of weapons with them’’, he said.

According to Mr. Suswam, the Federal Government has taken some very serious steps to tackle the challenges posed by the militias.



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