Grammy Nominated Josiah Bassey Drops New Love-Themed Single, ‘Pressure’

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Nigerian Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter, Josiah Bassey has released his latest single titled Pressure — a melodious song inspired by a lover’s passion and addiction. Appreciated for his versatility and ability to play around with different genres, Bassey’s latest offering is a simple R&B piece.

The release comes on the heels of a well-deserved nomination at the Grammy ceremony earlier this year for his originally written track “Hold Us Together” performed by H.E.R, which featured in the Disney Plus movie “Safety”.

Pressure was produced by 18-year-old producer, Levens Jean (more popularly known as L. Jean) who also features on the track, giving the song a sultry mix of vocals with an easygoing, repetitive, and tuneful rhythm.

The free-flowing song consists of easy-to-learn lyrics and, playing at just over 2 and a half minutes long, has good replay value. If you like a little mellow R&B music or are just looking for something new to listen to, you might enjoy this one.

Check out Pressure below: 

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