Get To Know Fawaz, the Ghanaian Graphic Designer Behind Some Of Wizkid’s Recent Work

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It’s been a big year for Wiz and even more so a much bigger weekend. Starting off the year modelling the new Nigerian jersey at its unveiling ceremony in the UK thrust Wiz into fashion circles for the first time in his career. This weekend, he hosted his first ever pop up shop in London ahead of his sold out headline performance at AfroRepublik later today. Musically, we’ve seen Wiz put on the new STARBOY cast with Ceeza Milli, Spotless an Terri making stronger introductions for themselves. In the fashion world as well, Wiz is doing his bit putting people on. Just ask young Ghanaian graphic designer, Fawaz concept, who got his design featured on Wizkid’s merchandise stemming from one tweet.

We sent a couple questions to Fawaz who had his designs featured on one of the Shirts in the recent collection and he let us know a little bit about himself and the working relationship with Wiz.

GOD BLESS @_fawaaaz!

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Read the interview below:

CC: Hey Fawaaz. Where are you based?
FC: I’m based in the United States

CC: Who is your favourite Nigerian musician?
FC: Lol, of course it’s Wizkid!

CC: Have you ever met Wiz personally?
FC: Yeah, I met Wiz in Ghana at an event. He came to perform and at the time I was not designing for him or anything like that. I just got the chance to meet him, took some pictures and said to myself that I will definitely work for him sometime in the future.

Designed by Fawaaaz
Designed by Fawaaaz


CC: How did you get inspiration for the graphic featured on the shirt?
FC: It was one evening I was at my big brother’s house and I saw someone post some art he did for Wiz online. I looked at it and thought to myself, I can definitely do better so when I got home, I got to work and came up with this.

CC: Is this your first time designing merch?
FC: I really don’t make merch. I make art and luckily for me, the Stargod added my art to his merch collection.

CC: What’s next for you?
FC: For now i’m trying to build my brand. Definitely want to grow it into a global brand and work with more artists and all.

CC: What are your socials?
FC: Twitter: @fawaz_ig and Instagram: @_fawaaaz


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