Guccimaneeko seeks to impress with Davido, Pasuma and DJ Jimmy Jatt featuring on ‘No Case’

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Guccimaneeko seeks to impress us armed with a Davido feature on new single; No Case. These days, the latter’s infiltration of the music industry both locally and internationally comes as no surprise and if we’re keeping it a buck, whatever Davido touches turns to gold. Take Zlatan for example, his big break came with Osanle and further affiliations with the DMW crew.

Not being one to be left out on a good deal as evidenced in his come up in certain areas in Lagos which can be likened to the spread of a wild fire, Guccimaneeko hops on this encompassing wave and taps not only Davido but Fuji Legend; Pasuma and DJ Jimmy Jatt for what is most likely going to be his ticket to mainstream music.

Though not entirely glamourized with fine lyrics, Guccimaneeko nails the track down with kaleidoscopic engaging soundscapes and catchy words that will latch themselves to the tongues of listeners in no time.

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