Guchi Is Back And Asking Her Lover To Pump His Brakes On ‘Speedometer’

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Having spent the first half of the year headlining concerts across Africa, Nigerian singer Guchi is back with a freshly released single titled Speedometer.

In the Chech-produced single, Guchi uses the catchy melody and beat to describe the sweet and often heady feeling love inspires, using cryptic African terms to subtly hint at the sexual tension building up between herself and her newly acquainted partner while fearing for its massive eruption.

“Let me be your rockstar, be your dancer, and your gangster, nobody matters,” she sings in the song’s hook, letting us know of her willingness to multitask in this relationship — a contrast to her previous release this year, Shattered, which had people in their feelings and still features on a few heartbreak playlists.

Guchi kept it short and straight to the point on Speedometer, and you can give the song a listen down below: 

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