Gulder Ultimate Search Premiere: 3 Things We’ve Noticed So Far

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After a seven-year hiatus, one of our favourite reality TV shows, Gulder Ultimate Search, is back with ‘The Age of Craftmanship.’

The show started off with a grand premiere on Saturday, the 17th of October with 18 contestants. The contestants, who are everything from music producers to fitness instructors and cinematographers, had to go through vigorous screenings like long-distance swimming, running, strength endurance to be selected for the ultimate reality show.

Once the show kicked off, we noticed a few differences between this comeback episode and the original TV show. Here are a few things we’ve noticed so far:

Female Host

Previous seasons had Chidi Mokeme and Bob Manuel Udokwu as hosts but for the comeback, we have media personality, Toke Makinwa as the anchor of the reality TV show. Apart from the special celebrity edition with Genevie Nnaji as the host, this is the first time a female is hosting the show.

Also, this year’s edition has a task-master separate from the host. In other years, one person played the role of the host and the task-master but there is a twist in this season as actor and past winner, Kunle Remi emerges as the task-master of this season.

Surprising Locations

With previous seasons, contestants were isolated in what looked like a jungle of sorts. This time, contestants can be seen doing their tasks on the streets of what appears to be Lagos. It’s going to be interesting to see what this new change adds to the show.

Viewing Options

This season airs on three channels: Africa Magic Showcase (DStv channel 151), Africa Magic Urban (DStv channel 153), and Africa Magic Family (DStv channel 154 & GOtv channel 2) unlike previous years that showed on only one station, AIT.

Moreso, each episode airs from 8-9 pm with a weekly recap on Tuesdays. Although the time has been a pattern in foregoing years, people expected a change this year to live shows since they had gotten used to Live reality TV Shows like Big Brother Naija and Ultimate Love.

Away from the differences, the show still follows a storyline. Just like in previous years, the title ‘Age of Craftmanship’ was drawn from a storyline. It tells the story of Akolo, a mysterious craftsman in a small town called Uduka at the banks of a great land. Akolo the craftsman settled among blacksmiths and woodcarvers and soon began to teach even the best craftsmen in town. Due to his wealth of experience and his mastering, his fame soon spread across the town and beyond.

However, his legend truly began after he brew the first indigenous drink of that era. To perfect his artwork he exchanged some of his arts for famous European recipes. People came from far and wide to taste Akolo’s unique brew. His successes soon got him the attention of the king who rewarded him by making him a member of his advisory council. Very soon, Ujuka became popular because of Akolo and he began to develop various enemies. He had to run into a Mangroove forest for his safety but never told anyone his secrets. Ujuka town soon became weary because of the absence of Akolo. The task is for the contestants to find a wooden chest that holds Akolo’s secrets to restore the land of Uduka.

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