H.O.M.A Teases Forthcoming Project With R&B Number ‘Complicated’

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Whetting our appetites for his upcoming Compilation 2. mixtape, H.O.M.A delivers his latest offering titled Complicated. Out today, 27th May 2022, the new single is a slow progressing contemporary R&B record with highly sensitive songwriting and an emotion-evoking performance that we have come to expect from the artist.

Inspired by an interesting recording session with members of the team, the single takes you on an emotional roller-coaster often experienced in romantic relationships. Produced by Killer producer with Abel Lead Us on the strings, Complicated expresses a relatable frustration many people get when they refuse to let go even when their love interest is acting up.

It’s a circle of instability and attachment which leaves H.O.M.A confused and reflective as he asks, ‘’why you fucking complicated oh my baby oh my baby; so what you want from a nigga like me?’’ With this resonant theme backed by serene instrumentation and compelling visuals, Complicated leaves a lasting impression on the listener.

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