How to Stay Safe at Flutterwave Flytime Fest

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Safeguarding the audience, artists, and team is a priority to Flutterwave Flytime Fest 2022. Flytime Group, would like to extend their thoughts and prayers to all affected by the distressing events that occurred yesterday (15/12/22) at the Brixton O2 Academy in the UK caused by crowd attempted forced-entry at Asake’s show.  

While certain journalism channels have mistakenly used Flutterwave Flytime Fest 2022 promotional materials attached to yesterday’s events at the O2 Academy, Flytime Fest would like to clear any inaccurate journalistic impressions with facts to ensure accurate information is released. Flutterwave Flytime Fest 2022 does not support slander or misinformation to the public about our event, non-affiliates, or occurrences that were not caused by ourselves or our Headlining Artists.

For 18 years and counting, Flytime Fest has created safe experiences for our ticket holders. Flytime Fests’ tenure as the longest standing premium live indoor event in Nigeria ensures professional experience in crowd safety (including only offering limited tickets for safety and comfort). Alongside the long term venue, EKO CONVENTION CENTER and the entrusting sponsor family, matters of safety and wellbeing has and will continue to be a priority for Flytime Fest.

There is no access to any part of the entrance to Flutterwave Flytime Fest without a ticket, with ticket verification taking place outside the venue to allow ease of entrance safeguarding. The festival provides accessibility to individuals with mobility disability needs as well as full security, medics and ambulances inside and outside the venue – for all days of FlutterFF2022, WeCare.

For any questions about your FFF2022 experience, please see their FAQ’S.

Kindly report any concerns to [email protected].

*All tickets are purchased on the official website tickets Flytime Fest encourages ticket purchasers to observe the limited availability of their remaining shows and sold out dates. (No physical tickets are available at Eko Convention Center, or elsewhere)