Here’s all we know about Anthill’s Upcoming Feature film ‘DOD’

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Meet The Cast of Akay Mason and Abosi Ogba’s DOD

After the success story of Anthill Studio’s debut feature film, Elevator Baby, the Niyi Akinmolayan studio is forging ahead with DOD. The studio is tightlipped about the film; no one knows what DOD means, but there are a few exciting details: most of the film cast and crew are young adults.

Akay Mason, who directed Elevator Baby, will be directing alongside Abosi Ogba, who worked on The Set Up as a second unit director. Ogba and Mason are also co-writers on the project. Anthill’s in-house film composer Gray Jones is working on the film’s score while cinematographer Barnabas ‘Barny’ Emordi is director of photography.

Details on the film’s plot are also sketchy, but we believe it is a YA drama centered on a certain Adebayo and is going to feature elements of juju-fiction. It will be interesting if the film uses juju in an exciting way like Sugar Rush, which featured an invincible car in a chase sequence and a lot of teleporting reminiscent of the Baba Suwe days.

DOD is currently in pre-production and coming to cinemas in June 2020.


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