Here’s What Your Favourite Football Team Says About You 

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For many Nigerians, football goes beyond watching live matches; it’s a lifestyle for passionate fans. From buying expensive customized jerseys, playing FIFA, gathering at beer parlours to watch and argue about their favourite players to actually playing in streets, paths or fields, Nigerians are some of the most passionate football fans you will ever know. With this type of passion for the game, picking a favourite club is no joke as the team reflects who you are as a human being. Basically, the club you choose to follow can say everything about your character and personality. We run through what your favourite football team says about you below.

Manchester United

You are noble and have good successful streaks. You are confident and a born winner which could come off as arrogant. You are lavish, sometimes spending your money on worthless things and bragging about them. You are positive and optimistic in difficult situations, always trying to produce good results even if it means bending the rules. You are not prudent enough and you lack tactics. You desire good results but you are not putting in the work to merit it.

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG)

You are successful and surrounded by people like you who are also talented. You are wealthy, powerful and lavish. You spend your money on valuable items. You know what you want and go for it. You have a dominating nature and are always determined to be on top or give your best. You are relentless and optimistic, regardless of any challenge you find yourself in.


You are successful with several titles to your name. You love money so you spend a lot and get your money’s worth. People trust you and put their hope in you but you let them down sometimes. You are viewed highly. You are dedicated and give your all to something you love. Oftentimes, you are indecisive about what you want and this could lead to you taking a few Ls. You are not a quitter even when you are hopeless. You are a fighter but arrogant and rude sometimes.


You have a long history of success and can’t stop reminding people who you are. You are passionate and you put in your best in anything you do but sometimes, you are inconsistent which could be discouraging and frustrating for people who admire and believe in you. You are determined and aggressive especially when your power is tested. You enjoy being around people more than being alone. You spend wisely and your courage has helped you unlock levels of success.

Manchester City

You have a history of being a loser despite being a strong team and a huge competitor. You believe in the power of money which works perfectly well for you. You spend tons of money on the right things and get your money’s worth. You are quick to dismiss people who don’t live up to your expectations. You are dramatic and unbothered about how people perceive you. 


You were very successful in the past and now you live in denial about your current situation. Your self-esteem is high but your work does not show that you are one of the best. You don’t have a target or strive to reach your goal and you prefer to settle for less. You are patient, easy-going, passionate and sentimental. People love that you are flamboyant and attractive.

Real Madrid

There is a high possibility that your self-esteem is high. You are a great leader and everyone wants to emulate you. You strive to be strong and relevant. You are consistent in what you do and highly competitive. Without a doubt, spend a lot and you always get results regardless of the amount. You have an inflated ego and a sense of entitlement that can be irritating. 


You have a history of success but unfortunately, you are too dependent on people. You are not confident and do not believe in yourself strongly that you can accomplish anything. You are very competitive and you desire good things. When you get the best, you deliver and when you don’t, you disappoint. You don’t like to work with other people.